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Spring 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

"Relentless is about never being satisfied, always driving to be the best, and then getting even better." - Tim S. Grover, Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

Select Teams

Our select teams spring season has been a major success from a results point of view. We have seen various teams win tournaments, win leagues, compete and most importantly overall our teams have improved. Winning is an excellent thing to make a habit of, although the togetherness the majority of our teams have shown this season has been amazing for the coaches to see. That is what football is all about!

Academy Teams

Our academy program has seen an insurgence of new talent into the club for the spring season. We have seen new players work hard to develop their skills and existing players improve and continue to play in the Relentless way. How hard the players have worked in practice has shown on game days and in tournaments. One major thing to note is our development as a club across genders. We are one of the only clubs that compete in the San Antonio region that have a girls only academy team. Ps. Ours are the cutest :) In all seriousness, it is important for us as a club to have a strong academy program where we can get the foundation of the players from a technical standpoint at an early age as solid as possible. We will then see players when they enter select levels compete at the highest levels.

Viva Las Vegas

Through our participation in Tiger tournaments some of our select teams earned a spot at a national showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2023. We are extremely excited to be entering the tournament and taking Relentless on the road as it’s an amazing opportunity for our teams, and as a club, to showcase what Relentless Soccer Club is all about on the national stage.

Player Development

As we progress into next season, after player placement events, player development will continue to be our top priority within the club. To challenge our players even further, we will be placing some of our teams in higher brackets in future select tournaments and pushing to be placed in higher leagues. We strongly believe our players and teams need to be pushed beyond their current limits in order to grow and be successful in the future. As coaches we are not satisfied with mediocrity and we do not want our players to be either.

"We learn more from our failures than from our successes. Not only do we find out what doesn’t work so that we can adjust our future attempts, we learn about ourselves in the process and gain a bit of empathy towards others that might be struggling as well." - Kealy Spring, Leadership Fellow Coach, BetterUp

New Braunfels Field Update and Plan

We have been able to secure the Oak Run Middle School turf field for the spring season which has been great for our players. We will continue to work and develop our relationship with the City of New Braunfels to secure venues beyond this season. We are continuing to look into options that best suit our club’s needs as we are growing and want to provide the best possible conditions and environment for our players to be successful.

As our relationship continues to develop with the city of New Braunfels, we have also been developing our relations with the City of Cibolo and the use of the city’s complex. We currently use the complex for our select home games and we are looking to execute a plan to acquire the fields on an extended term basis. We are very excited about this as the facility in Cibolo is one of the best complexes in the San Antonio area.

The Cibolo fields will be an option if we are unable to secure a location/complex in New Braunfels. If this is our option moving forward we will make it known before the start of next season.

Bulverde Youth Soccer Association

Relentless partnership with Bulverde Youth Soccer Association, since the fall season, has been extremely successful for us as an organization and BYSA. The partnership with BYSA has allowed some of our teams to enter the WDDOA league under their umbrella. For BYSA the partnership has helped their club develop players to a higher level as all planning, methodology and standards has come from our club's framework. Bulverde Youth Soccer Association has been a club in San Antonio for over 30 years and with our help they have decided to rebrand their select and academy to Strive Soccer Club. The rebranding will take place in May 2023, in time for the player placement events. The 30 years of BYSA history will not be erased as the recreational side of the club will continue under the BYSA brand. BYSA will continue to serve the local community and the 500+ kids on the recreational side. Relentless will continue the partnership with Bulverde Youth Soccer Association and Strive Soccer Club as it continues to benefit our club and players.

Spring Tournaments

To conclude the 2023 spring season we plan to enter all teams into tournaments. Our select teams will be participating in the STX Spring Cups and our academy teams will be playing in a tournament in San Antonio.

South Texas Cup, April 1 - 2, 2023 (Finals - Apr. 29 - 30)

2012s Black, 2012s Yellow and 2009/10s

Directors Cup, Apr. 1-2, Apr. 15 - 16, Apr. 22 - 23, Apr. 29 - 30 (Finals - May 13 - 14)

2012s Red, 2011s, 2010s, 2009s Boys, 2009s Girls, and 2007/08s

Spring Classic Tournament, May 6 - 7, 2023

2014s, 2015/16 Black, 2015/16 White, 2015/16 Red, 2015/16 Yellow

Memorial Cup National Showcase, Las Vegas, Nevada - May 29 - 31, 2023

2012s Red, 2010s, 2009s Boys, and 2009s Girls

Holiday Schedule & Important Dates

Easter, April 10th, 2023: No Practice

Academy Last Day of Practice: April 12th, 2023

Select Last Day of Practice: April 26th, 2023 ***

Tryouts: May 8 - 17, 2023 (*see below for details)

*** Select Teams that qualify for the Director Cup Finals will practice normally on May 1st, 3rd, 8th & 10th. Teams going to Las Vegas will practice on May 22nd & 24th.

Relentless Soccer Club Select Tryouts

May 8th & 10th, 7:15pm - 8:30pm

2007 Boys & Girls

2008 Boys & Girls

2009 Boys

May 15th & 17th, 6:00pm - 7:15pm

2012 Boys & Girls

2013 Boys & Girls

May 15th & 17th, 7:15pm - 8:30pm

2011 Boys & Girls

2010 Boys & Girls

2009 Girls

Academy Teams Open Day

May 8th & 10th, 6:00pm - 7:15pm

2014 - 2017 Boys & Girls

Uniform Changes

We will be launching a new Relentless uniform for the Fall 2023 - Spring 2025 season. From then on we will be on a two year rotation for new uniforms. This will allow us to continue to easily keep uniforms in stock for you to purchase with a much quicker turnaround.

* All girls teams will have black shorts instead of white.


At the conclusion of the season we will no longer be using SportsEngine. The app and software has done well for us but as we continue to grow SportsEngine can no longer support the workload. We will be transitioning to TeamSnap which we strongly feel is for the best moving forward. We will send out more information and next steps after tryouts have concluded.

Off Season

As coaches and a club, we cannot stress enough how important keeping the players working on their individual soccer game, fitness and game understanding is. As a club we would advise having time off from soccer 10 days - 14 days only. The players will struggle if they come back after summer break and not touch a ball. It is imperative to keep them active.

Summer Options

Our sister organization Manchester School of Soccer runs summer options for players that want to continue their development with our coaches throughout the summer months all run and operated in New Braunfels.

Day Camps: For Select & Academy players. The day camps are all coached so it’s practice based instruction so players learn through daily topics. To see camp dates and info: Soccer Camps

Road To Pro Residential Camp: Players aged 8 years and up. The RTP camp is specifically aimed at players who strive to play at the highest levels: College, Professional & International. From the camp the strongest players will be selected to represent the organization on the UK tour, where we play professional clubs. A strong word of advice is please do not wait around to book your child's place, this camp sells out extremely quickly! More information at 2023 Road To Pro | Manchester School Of Soccer

Private Lessons: Improve your players' individual skills and game understanding this summer. We tailor sessions to improve on the players weaknesses but also their strengths. Lessons run 7 days a week. To learn more visit, Private Lessons | Manchester School Of Soccer

Additional Year Around Options - Center Of Excellence:

The COE program runs across our three sites: New Braunfels, Cibolo and Spring Branch. The program for select and academy players that are hungry to train an additional night per week for club soccer. COE training continues throughout the summertime and there will be events such as tournaments in the summer months. Birth years: 2006 - 2017, to join the program go to: Center of Excellence | Manchester School Of Soccer


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