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The Relentless Crest

By Relentless Soccer Club, 05/20/21, 4:45PM CDT






The worker Bee symbolizes Relentless Soccer Clubs players, coaches and families attitude and desire to work hard for the team and club. Throughout history, the work ethic of the bee has been admired. The ancient Egyptians venerated them, and were the first documented civilization to domesticate bees. The Minoans of ancient Greece revered them because of the teamwork a beehive represented. Two bees entwined around a honeycomb served as a symbol for the ancient Cretan city of Gortys, and the same symbol has been found on pendants and earrings in other locations on Crete.

This teamwork is perhaps most evident in the life of the worker bee. As their name implies, workers are the laborers of a beehive or colony. They are responsible for gathering food, protecting the hive and caring for the young bees.


Why the name Relentless?

Relentless is the perfect adjective to describe our club ethos. Our players, coaches and families don't give up and continually strive to be better than we were yesterday. Relentless SC is not just a club it is a way of life!



2020 on our badge states the year of Relentless soccer clubs formation. 2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of families with the pandemic. We are thankful to be able to serve the community by bringing happiness to children's lives through soccer as we build towards a brighter future.



Relentless Soccer Club formed to help aspiring soccer players reach their personal goals, play in competitive teams/leagues and enhance each players individual ability and game understanding. We are "Relentless" in the pursuit of player progression by paving the path for individuals to enhance their overall game and achieve their long term dreams.