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College recruitment

College soccer recruitment spots are in high demand and low supply.  Keep in mind that playing Division 1 soccer is reserved for a select few exceptional talents. However, there are numerous levels within college soccer and most dedicated club players who actively showcase their abilities to college recruiters can secure a place at one of those levels.

In actuality, a mere 2% of athletes are actively recruited, highlighting the competitive nature of the process. Considering the average expense of a four-year education amounting to $125,000, it becomes crucial to devise a well-structured strategy to capture the attention of college scouts. College coaches cannot recruit you if they do not know that you are out there. 


You will need the following:

Grades:  Do you have the grades or test scores to gain admission to college?
Ability: Do you have the athletic skills that a college coach values?
Motivation:  How hard are you prepared to work to get a scholarship?
Exposure: Are you ready to market yourself to the college coaches?

There are many levels and choices of schools available,

NCAA DI: Offer scholarships.
NCAA DII: Offer scholarships.
NCAA DIII: No sports scholarships, but academic.
NAIA: Offer scholarships.
NJCAA (2 year): Offer scholarships.
NCCAA: Offer scholarships.


When looking at schools, take the following into consideration:

  • Admission requirements

  • SAT / ACT scores.

  • Size

  • Large vs Small

  • Student to faculty ratio.

  • Location (Geographical & Climate).

  • Cost (Scholarships – athletic or academic, Financial aid, Student loans)

What students have to do?
Be proactive: If you do nothing that is what you will get.
Be persistent: On the field, in the classroom and in your college selection.
Be prepared: Do everything possible to prepare both academically and athletically. 

Role of parents
Promote active participation from your son or daughter in collecting and sharing relevant information for their college search. Encourage them to take the initiative and directly reach out to schools themselves. By doing so, it allows the player to establish a direct line of communication with coaches, as they are the ones coaches want to engage with. As a parent, your role should be to facilitate the connection between the player and the coach. During official school visits, it is generally encouraged for parents to attend as well.

You will need the following:

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